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CA Data Breach Privacy Law
Company email lacks reasonable expectation of privacy
Expectations of privacy for company email not deemed objectively reasonable
Suspicionless searches of laptops approved at border checks
Judicial rulings on email privacy
SDX Lockbox for Secure Correpondence over the Net
Far more secure than email, the Lawdex Secure Document Exchange (SDX) is designed to keep documents sent over the net private. It's used today by law firms, healthcare practices, and financial services firms. From the SDX Lockbox you can securely send and track all of your correspondence sent over the net, including legal, medical, and financial data. Documents are archived and tracked from your encrypted SDX Lockbox. It's always free to receive documents with SDX. And because you're paying for the annual subscription now, all of your recipients will receive a free 90-day trial for two-way use of SDX with all of the same benefits as you.

Working inside the SDX Lockbox your practice can:
Correspond electronically and securely with all parties involved in a case
Time-stamp the moment recipients actually open a document
Lock and exchange files with 128 bit encryption
Send and receive files too large for email
Use our free SDX plugin for Outlook to securely send and track your Outlook email
Archive and search documents by case or client number
Correspond securely on the net without the exchange of encryption keys
Work in collaborative groups
Document a no-peek chain of custody on sent and received documents
File papers with any state or municipal court in California
Retrieve court records from any non-federal court in the US
Serve papers on any corporation or individual in the US
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